About Me

Walter graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Music.  He worked for the federal government for over 15 years in the capacity of Management Assistant, Internal Auditor, Programmer, and Network/System Administrator.  After he left the government he worked for a dot com company and later joined a Music Software company as a Technical Support in customer service.

When he was laid-off the second time, he decided to change his career completely away from Computer Technology.

His new career decision to become a Massage Therapist materialized when he got back from a trip in Bali. He earned his Massage Therapist Certification from attending Carrington College.

He carries a certificate for Medical Massage Practitioner. Walter has been in the Massage Business for over 5 years.

He is knowledgeable in the following modalities (Traditional Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Medical Massage and Sports Massage Techniques).

Walter loves to travel.  He has traveled to South America, South Africa, Morocco, Western Europe, Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Philippines), Caribbean, Fiji, Central America, Canada and USA.